LOVB + teamECV

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with League One Volleyball (LOVB, pronounced “love”) to take the club to the next level regionally and nationally. They have an incredibly experienced management team both in the business world and in the volleyball community. We’ve now joined their family of premier clubs across the country.

LOVB has an outstanding culture and cares for the athletes just like we do. They are also laying the foundation to launch the best professional volleyball league in the world in 2024-2025. LOVB believes that in order to build a strong professional league, community-level club support is critical and we are excited about the many ways that professional volleyball can give back to our club program both on & off the court. LOVB sees Eastside playing an essential role in that process.

We have joined forces with League One Volleyball in order to provide access to the best in-class resources, opportunities and professional connections for our Eastside athletes and coaches. The coaching development program led by Courtney Thompson and Jenny McDowell, coach mentor/mentee program, sister club visits, live coaching clinics, professional/Olympic athlete Q&A sessions are just a few of the many opportunities that the Eastside/LOVB partnership will bring to our fantastic Eastside coaches!


What is League One Volleyball? League One Volleyball (LOVB, pronounced “love”) is a first-of-its-kind community re-
imagining the future of volleyball. We are launching our professional league from the grassroots up - each Pro team built from a foundation of ambitious junior volleyball clubs located across the country.

LOVB’s mission is to change the game. To bring passionate, graceful, and powerful players together as one to become number one. It's to transform the ambitious potential of volleyball players, from cramped-backyard dreamers to pros, into a nationwide network of celebrated champion athletes and leaders.

LOVB facilitates the success of female athletes from every diverse corner of the country, through training, tournaments, and broader personal and professional development. We're here to celebrate teamwork, resilience, vulnerability, and courage.

A better league. A changed game. A new kind of player.


What's your relationship with LOVB? Do they own the club? What’s going to change? We've joined forces financially, but there will be no changes to our leadership, our staff or our community. Together with LOVB, we will be building tools and programs to help take club volleyball in the US to Pro.


How does LOVB benefit our club/our families? It provides a pathway to career opportunities at the Pro level for the first time in the U.S. Builds stronger relationships with colleges, to provide better recruiting and scholarship opportunities. Creates a holistic training program with increased educational and developmental programs, including sport psychology, physical health, and mindfulness support. Gives access to expert coaches across clubs, and Pro / college stars. Allows for mentorship and networking with Pro players. Provides a scholarship foundation to increase access to the sport.